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molecular weights delivering
varying but optimum penetration

Protects the epidermis surface

Stimulates cohesion in scar tissue

Regenerates the skin deep down

High levels of amino acids:
26% glycine
14% proline
9% hydroxyproline

with no petrochemical compound

The secret : HNC7™ (High Nutrition Collagen)

(HNC7™ (High Nutrition Collagen))

Its role: to moisturize and restructure the dermal base and reactivate the natural production of neo-collagen by fibroblasts.

Collagen, the main constituent of the dermis, plays an essential role in the elasticity, regeneration and youthfulness of the skin. Our mission is to promote the penetration of collagen into the different layers of the skin.
It is in French waters, and more precisely in New-Aquitaine, that DERMOIONIQ found the inspiration to create and produce its own HNC7™ (High Nutrition Collagen).
Using the skin of sturgeons destined for caviar production, gives us pure, unique and certified collagen as amino acid tests demonstrate.

A unique collagen,
with formulations designed and produced by our staff
to be both rich and extremely natural

Thanks to the special care taken at each stage of the extraction process, we have managed to obtain compositions containing up to 30% of active collagen, a level unique in the world.

The delicate technique of cold extraction enables the exceptional properties of the native collagen to be preserved.

Total control from extraction to production guarantees optimal maintenance of the properties of the different molecular weights of DERMOIONIQ HNC7™ (High Nutrition Collagen).

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