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Découvrez votre routine beauté personnalisée

Tell us about you, your skin and beauty goals and discover the DERMOIONIQ care perfectly adapted to your needs

Are you ?

How old are you ?

What's your skin type ?

Your skin is soft and finely porous. The complexion is homogeneous, without impurities.

Your skin tends to be rough and tight. It can react quickly to external influences such as pollution, cold or sun

Your skin is shiny and tends to have small impurities, especially in the T-zone, between the forehead, nose and chin. On the other hand, your cheeks are rather dry.

Your skin is shiny and has enlarged pores. It is prone to impurities (pimples, blackheads), even outside the T-zone

What's your primary concern?

Given your skin specificities and your beauty concerns, we advise you this personalized routine based on this DERMOIONIQ Care: