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Elix'Science 1 month
The Hydrating & Antioxydant Cure

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INDICATIONS: devitalized and tired skin, loss of firmness, dehydration, anti-ageing, joint pain, sports recovery

Expert on skin beauty and body well-being
Composed of 10g of highly nutritional collagen and various active plant ingredients, it offers visible results on the skin and acts effectively on the comfort of joint cartilage, in 10, 30 and 90 days.


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Active Ingredients - The winning cocktail

Collagen: Promotes rapid development and cell regeneration of the skin and deeper tissues.

Acerola: Helps to support and restore the body's natural defences. Rich in vitamin C, it increases the body's growth.

Blackcurrant buds: Helps to strengthen the immune system. A real natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fatigue agent, it helps to fight against inflammation, fatigue and physical or mental exhaustion.

Polydatin: Helps to fight against fatigue and oxidative stress. A powerful antioxidant with multiple properties, this natural immunostimulant molecule slows down the ageing process and reinforces the natural defence mechanisms of the body's internal and external cells.

Pomegranate fruit, whose ellagic acid: Contributes to the skin's defence against free radicals. An excellent source of minerals, ellagic acid acts on slowing down skin ageing and improving the radiance of the skin.

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Benefits and results


The goal? To offer one of the most effective dietary supplements on the market. Elix'Science, composed of 10g of collagen with high nutritional power and 4 active plant antioxidants, offers visible results on the beauty of the skin and acts effectively on the well-being of the body, in 10, 30 and 90 days.

This drinkable collagen hydrates the skin in depth, restructures the dermal base and reactivates the natural production of neo-collagen by the fibroblasts. It also acts on the body by improving the functioning of the articulatory mechanism, increasing the immune defences and providing vitality and tone. 


To notice real effects, it is important to take collagen over a regular period, to be renewed according to the duration of the cure.

At the change of seasons, it is common to feel a drop in vitality and tone, one can look tired and lack energy. To give yourself a boost, to "recharge your batteries", you are advised to take drinkable collagen for 30 consecutive days, to be repeated at each change of season. After 30 days of ELIX'SCIENCE, wrinkles and fine lines are reducedfacial features are rested, the complexion appears more radiantHair and nails are visibly strengthened. At the body level, a feeling of vitality and tonicity sets in with renewed energy. Polydatin, a powerful active antioxidant ingredient (major precursor of resveratrol), slows down the ageing process by combating oxidative stress and reinforces natural defences.

Take the ELIX'SCIENCE 30-day cure for a real beauty and well-being accelerator!


It is recommended to take one bottle per day. In case of digestive sensitivity, it is preferable to consume in several doses during the day. Shake before use.

Not recommended for children under 12 years of age, nursing mothers and pregnant women. Prolonged use is not recommended.

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Elix'Science 1 month - The Hydrating & Antioxydant Cure

This moisturising and antioxidant cure acts simultaneously on the beauty of the skin and the well-being of the body

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Un teint illuminé

J'ai trouvé ma peau plus lumineuse.

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Routine de soins

Bon produit que j’ai incorporé facilement dans ma routine de soins. Facile et agréable à boire.

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Top !

J'ai découvert ce produit en pharmacie et depuis je ne m'en passe plus. J'ai pris ce collagène d'eau douce au hasard et c'est une véritable découverte !

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C’est vrai que le goût au début peut surprendre si vous n’êtes pas initiées ! Une fois adoptées je peux vous dire qu’il est difficile de s’en passer. J’ai remplacer mon café du matin par ELIX'SCIENCE. Je me sens en pleine forme et ma peau rayonne !! Je recommande et re-commande !

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J'utilise ce produit depuis sa sortie et je ressent moins de douleurs articulaires

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