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Anti-Imperfection Specific Care
2 months

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Skin types: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily
Skin problem: dull, redness, pigmentation spots
Double action: stain prevention and anti-ageing prevention

It is by mixing the effects of a serum and a cream that this anti-blemish treatment rebalances the complexion of your face, décolleté and hands. It is a one-month ritual that gives visible results very quickly.

The ANTI-IMPERFECTION SERUM evens and illuminates. Sublimated with light, your complexion is rebalanced, redness is noticeably soothed and spots are visibly reduced. This serum has the unique ability to prevent and correct all types of brown spots.

The DERMO ACTIVE CREAM soothes, protects and accelerates the restructuring of the dermis. It boosts the active ingredients contained in the serum and gives your skin a velvety touch.

Your skin is totally reconnected. Your complexion becomes even and radiant in just a few weeks.

The Anti-Imperfection Specific Care is composed of 4 single-use doses of 2 ml of Anti-imperfection Serum and 1 bottle of Dermo Active Cream 10 ml.

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Care ritual

ANTI-IMPERFECTION SPECIFIC CARE has everything to please with its light and delicate texture and neutral natural fragrance. Absorbed by the skin almost instantly, it leaves no oily spots on the skin. Immediately after application, which lasts about a minute, your skin is adorned with an incomparable softness, without any set effect.

Apply once a day, once a day. Recommended care ritual for 1 month.

1.Thoroughly cleanse the skin with a mild cleanser that respects the pH of the skin and rinse with lukewarm water,

2.Apply 1 to 3 drops per day of serum, massaging in a circular motion on the area of the face and/or body to be treated. Avoid eye contact.

3. Complete the treatment by applying the cream in a circular massage on the affected area until it is completely absorbed.

To obtain visible results, it is recommended to use THE ANTI-IMPERFECTION SPECIFIC CARE for a period of 3 months. If necessary, wait one month before renewing the treatment.

Effective, it prolongs the effects of treatments carried out by a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor. THE ANTI-IMPERFECTION SPECIFIC CARE is a medical device which is part of the continuity of medical-aesthetic acts: Led or pigment laser session, reduction of the epidermal pregnancy mask, cryotherapy treatment...

Benefits and results

The ANTI-IMPERFECTION SERUM rebalances the complexion of your skin by acting deep within the epidermis. With the sun, your skin is no longer supplied with melanin and undergoes a change in complexion. The serum will make the connection again and guarantee a return to the initial colour. Your complexion becomes more radiant and more even.

All skin imperfections are also targeted and reduced: redness, stress spots, sun spots or age spots. The serum creates a protective barrier that increases the mechanism of the sirtuins, which are the real source of longevity of the cells.

Around Collagène d’Eau Douce® with its highly regenerating power, 8 active ingredients of natural origin unite their properties, including EPS White, with proven effectiveness: up to 60% total reduction of brown spots after 56 days*.

Mexican Agastache extract reduces stress-induced redness and improves the complexion. Sea Lily extract reduces the surface area and colouring of brown spots. Marine Exopolysaccharide has anti-ageing properties, immediately soothes and moisturizes for a long-lasting effect. The Xylitol/Glucose plant complex is effective against spots by restructuring the skin barrier.

 * Codif study "EPS WHITE - a revolution in the treatment of brown spots".

The DERMO ACTIVE CREAM combines perfectly with the action of the serum by boosting its effects. The synergy between the cream and the serum is total. Very quickly, the active ingredients play a soothing role, accelerating the restructuring of the dermis and regenerating the skin.


ANTI-IMPERFECTION SPECIFIC CARE is made up of 8 naturally powerful active ingredients such as Freshwater Collagen®, Mexican Agastache extract, Sea Lily extract, Marine Exopolysaccharide, Xylitol/Glucose plant complex…

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Anti-Imperfection Specific Care - 2 months

Intense rebalancing and illuminating treatment: the complexion is even and radiant, redness and spots are visibly reduced.

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