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The Sublimation kit
Smoothed and plumped skin

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Regain a radiant, youthful skin!
Enhance your skin with this derma-roller and Dermoioniq expert care ritual. The highly concentrated natural active ingredients will increase the effects of microneedling tenfold with the derma-roller.

▪️ From the 1st use, the skin is visibly plumped.
▪️ The skin is smoothed
▪️ The complexion is radiant
▪️ The features are rested

▪️ 1 Smoothing Concentrate 30ml
▪️ 1 Soothing Repair Cream 50ml
▪️ 1 Derma-roller
▪️ We are giving away 1 8-day skincare routine: 2 Anti-Imperfection Serums 3ml and 1 Dermo Active Cream 3ml
▪️ All slipped into an organic cotton kit.


Share our ritual with your partner and get a radiant, youthful skin!

Enhance your skin with our expert Collagène d'Eau Douce® treatments and the Dermaroller for optimal results. From the first use, skin is visibly plumped, smoothed and luminous.

This kit contains everything you need to enhance your skin:

-A bottle of Smoothing and Plumping Concentrate, 30ml

-A bottle of Soothing and Repairing Cream, 40 ml

-A Dermaroller


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Care ritual

1.disinfect your Dermaroller using a disinfectant solution, then rinse with clear water and leave to dry.

2.clean your face with a mild pH neutral soap.

Optional: Exfoliate your skin with a gentle peeling, which will allow better absorption of the care products.

Apply the Smoothing and Plumping Concentrate by tapping on the face.

Roll the Dermaroller over the face from top to bottom, left to right, and diagonally for 1 to 2 minutes. It is not necessary to press too hard.

5) Apply the Soothing and Repairing Cream to reduce redness, irritation and overheating that may have appeared after the treatment.

Disinfect the Dermaroller again using a disinfectant solution, then rinse with clean water and leave to dry. Finally, store it in its protective case.

Benefits and results

Microneedling stimulates the skin cells by making a multitude of painless micro-perforations in the dermis with the help of the derma-roller. The dermal cells will trigger a healing process and release collagen and elastin, two proteins that are essential for the skin's firmness and elasticity.

The use of Derma-roller effectively slows down the effects of skin ageing: wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, the skin is redensified and visibly plumped. As an anti-ageing prevention, it will act on the irregularities and firmness of the skin.

Couple the Derma-roller with the Smoothing and Plumping Concentrate and the Soothing Repair Cream, two intelligent and highly concentrated care products with HNC7 Collagen. This flagship ingredient in our skin care products regenerates the skin in depth, and is a true beauty enhancer.

- Smoothing and Plumping Concentrate: A real youth booster, this serum, formulated from highly nutritious French collagen, acts visibly on expression lines and wrinkles, exerts a "lifting" effect and reduces signs of fatigue. Its secret? A formula enriched with hyaluronic acid that reinforces the power of the HNC7 bioactive collagen complex and stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen, allowing deeper penetration of the active ingredients.

- Soothing Repair Cream: This cream, formulated with highly nutritious French collagen, has a protective and stimulating action on the skin. The result? It repairs skin that has been weakened, particularly following post-aesthetic treatment (microneedling, laser, ultrasound).

- Derma-roller: A microneedling tool designed to be used at home. An accessory consisting of a handle at the end of which is a cylinder with approximately 500 microneedles. By promoting cell regeneration, microneedling treats skin ageing and effectively improves skin quality.

The effects of microneedling at home are real, provided that the use of the Derma-roller is long and regular. For lasting results, it is recommended to use it two to three times a week.

- Day 1: The skin looks more "plumped up" and redensified from the inside. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out, the face looks younger, the features are rested, the oval is reshaped.

- After 1 week: The quality of the skin is improved, the skin becomes smoother, toned and more radiant.

- After 1 month: The cell regeneration process is visible, the skin is redensified, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, an anti-ageing effect appears. The skin also becomes firmer.

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The Sublimation kit - Smoothed and plumped skin

Share our ritual with your partner and get a radiant, youthful skin!

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